A Data set list, created using ISPF option 3.4 or the DSLIST command, has its own settings. The EDIT/VIEW entry panel setting is particularly helpful. This post shows how to access DSLIST settings, suppress the EDIT/VIEW entry panel, and how to access the panel options when needed.

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Using the DSLSET command or the Options menu choice DSLIST Settings… on a DSLIST display allows you to select several options, but the most visible is the Edit/View Entry Panel shown here.


Figure 1- Edit/View Entry Panel

Generally, you would press the Enter key to bypass this panel and continue to the Edit or View session. To bypass the display of this panel simply remove the / from the option on the DSLIST Settings screen.

DSLSET from Options cropped

Figure 2- DSLIST Options menu


Figure 3- DSLIST Settings

Press F3 to save the change. The options available from the Edit/View Entry Panel also appear on the ISPF options 1 View, and 2 Edit. Settings entered on those screens will carry over to Edit/View invocations from any ISPF screen.


Figure 4- ISPF Option 2. Edit

You can also invoke the Edit/View Entry Panel from a member list by placing a / in the Prompt field when opening a member for Edit or View.

Edit Entry Panel from Member

Figures 5 and 6 - Displaying the Edit Panel from a Member List

Edit Panel in Member