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At the TSO Times we have set a single goal for ourselves:

To become THE Internet destination for all things TSO and ISPF related.

Period. End of story. That's the plan.

To achieve this goal, we plan on providing to our readers the best possible material related to the twin subjects of TSO and ISPF. And we'll do it in a unique way.

Using a dual delivery method---a traditional paper newsletter married to the Internet--- we will seek to provide premier educational (and entertaining) material that is easy to read, is in the most appropriate medium and provides the highest level of assistance and enlightenment to you as a working TSO/ISPF professional.

We hope to make this site one of your regularly scheduled Internet destinations. We guarantee that you will find subjects covered here at the TSO Times that are covered no where else in the world.

We welcome all TSO/ISPF users, regardless of skill level or years on the job. Whether seasoned veteran, casual user or brand-new mainframe programmer, we encourage you to have a look around and "check us out".

The TSO Times welcomes each and every one of you.

The TSO Times is back by popular demand!
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