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Spring 2004 Issue

Winter 2003 Issue

Fall 2003 Issue

Summer 1999
Data-Aging Tools: Key Evaluation Criteria by Jeff Furman
Y2K Issue: Coping with the dreaded gregorian-to-julian subprograms by David Shelby Kirk
Installing MVS/Quick-Ref

Summer-Fall 1998 Special Y2K Edition
IBM Adds year 2000 Functionality to COBOL Environment
by Olivia R. Carmandi and David Shelby Kirk

Running ISPF Edit Macros in Batch
by Gary Frickey
Some Thoughts About the Date Crisis Problem
by Alan Glass

Winter 1996
Using SAS as an Aid When Creating an MVS/Quick-Ref User Database by Mike Shaw
ISPF/PDF Dialog Manager Variables In Panel Definitions
by Jim Leone
Setting and Reporting TSO Service Levels (Part 2 of 2)
by Cheryl Watson

QuickTips 1: Calculating CHECKSUM Values
QuickTips 2: TSO Allocations in REXX
QuickTips 3: MVS/Quick-Ref API

Fall 1996
Summary Edit Macro
by Joe Braun
Discovering DASD Volume Serial Numbers
by Todd Lary
Dialog Development REXX Exec by Henry L. Farineau
QuickTips 1: ISPF Edit Macro
QuickTips 2: REXX Exec ISRFIND
QuickTips 3: Executing DSNTEP2
QuickTips 4: Renaming VSAM Datasets

Spring 1996
An ISPF Dialog for Viewing an ISPF Table
by Doug Bolin
QuickTips 1: Using the IMAC Variable
QuickTips 2: SRCHFOR Exec
QuickTips 3: Binary Search REXX Exec

Summer 1995
ISPF Edit Macro for Matching Skeleton SEL/ENDSEL Statements
by Gary Frickey
Setting and Reporting TSO Service Levels (Part 1 of 2)
by Cheryl Watson
QuickTips 1: TSOTRAP and TSOHELP
QuickTips 2: Runs

Spring 1995
DROPDUP by Randy Shannon
A Full Screen REXX Exec by Bruce Hull
SHOWLOAD REXX Edit Macro by Marilyn Miller
Use ISPF Macros to Generate Skeleton JCL by Dave Stanowick
QuickTips 1: REXX Exec "SUB"
QuickTips 2: Cursor-Driven Invocation of MVS/Quick-Ref from within Quick-Ref
QuickTips 3: Using QWIKOPTS
QuickTips 4: Using DASD


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